Dear Diary…


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So a couple of weeks ago I was going through my teen diaries, reliving those awesome days of discovery and wonder. The days when everything and everyone seemed truly and totally amazing. As a kid, I had decided to keep yearly diaries with the vision that I would one day write my memoirs and blow the whole world away with tales of my fantastical adventures and beguiling escapades (that day is yet to arrive but hold that thought)… So, I came across days when I had written stuff like, “Lucy did blah then told Sarah what happened even though she promised not to and then Sam found out and, OMG¬†it all got out of hand and I am literally going to die!” (I know what you are thinking, fourteen year old me was such a drama queen! Well guess what? Pretty much nothing has changed! Ha!) Everyone needs a bit of drama in their lives, wouldn’t you say? Be it real or contrived, it does get the adrenaline pumping and adds just that little bit of excitement to otherwise mundane affairs. Anyway, I digress.

What I found hilarious though was that I could not for the life of me remember who the fudge Lucy was, or Sarah and Sam for that matter! These people who seemed to have had a huge impact on my life at that time, huge enough to make me feel like the entire universe would come crashing down in an instant. Not surprisingly, there were lots of similar entries, all depicting similar scenarios, all with me thinking it was the end of the world as I knew it and yet again I had absolutely no recollection of what I was going on about. Funny, isn’t it? Bet you know what I am going to say next, don’t you? Yep, this is the bit where I get all philosophical and tell you the moral of the story, which of course will absolutely change your life and it is, wait for it: YOLO!! Kidding!!!

What I actually mean to say, and this is just my opinion, is don’t sweat the small stuff or the big stuff for that matter because guess what? What doesn’t kill you makes you fatter, or thinner and it just might make you stronger too. Whatever hard times you may be going through today will be a distant memory one day in the future, a blip on the pages of your history; and the good times? well the good times are here to stay. When things are rough, simply remember, ‘this too shall pass!’ Okay now I’m just reeling off cliches!!

All in all, it is great fun going through my old journals and remembering how things were back in the day. So the next time something fun is going on around you? Quick! Grab a pen and write it all down in extreme detail or better yet, grab a notebook and start a blog post because as life goes, you just never know…

Aimez votre vie!!!


Happy On The Inside.


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It’s everywhere, in magazines, on telly, in the newspapers, on the radio, even in the grocery store! Diets!!! At the workplace, at least 80% of the women folk are on some form of it, oh and there are lots of forms. Slimming world, Lighter life, Weight watchers, The Cambridge diet, The Cabbage soup diet, The Atkins diet… and so many more. What’s even more fascinating is how each person argues the point of their chosen diet being the best and most effective there is.

Personally, I am not adverse to dieting as I currently subscribe to a low-carb form of it ūüėČ What I find myself objecting to is the stimulus behind it. Is one on a diet as a precursor to healthy living or is it more of a “got to fit into that little black dress in two weeks” type of thing? From observation and personal experience, I find that people who either starve themselves or go on purely liquid diets tend to lose the weight but then pile it back on as soon as they return to normal eating. As a colleague aptly put it, “…She (who I will not mention) lost tons of weight on (a diet which I will also not mention) for her wedding and looked gorgeous but now, she’s as big as a house…”¬†

Now I’m not about to go on about any one diet being the best form nor am I about to get all philosophical on you. I will however tell you to Love Yourself, inside and out. By loving your body, being proud of the way you look and having self-confidence, you end up making lifestyle choices instead of embarking on crash diets. You exercise because the endorphins your body will release will make you feel like the King or Queen of the world. You eat right because you realize that unhealthy foods make you feel just that, unhealthy!! Most importantly, you start to see yourself the way you really need¬†to be seen and not how society (or your¬†fr-enemies) tell you to be!!

Nobody’s perfect and even the most gorgeous woman or man for that matter will tell you that they too feel insecure. My policy? Always look for the silver lining. If you’ve got massive thighs, think of how trim your waist looks or if you think your nose is a bit wonky, think of how stunning your eyes are. Whatever the case, find a way to love every inch of your body; cos when you do, the rest of the world has no choice but to love it too!!

Amare se stessi, amare le vita


Hello world!

Remember when Neyo¬†belted out the words, “…so sick of love songs, so sad and slow…”? Well I thought to myself, what better way to kick off a blogging career than to write a blog about blogs? Or in this case, a blog about being so sick of blogs!!! Ever had that awkward moment -(don’t blame me, blame Twitter!!)- when you stumble upon a seemingly awesome blog about the birds and the bees and why everything’s so blue, only to have the author pull a three-sixty on you and go off about how it all made them think about the world having the potential to be so much better if we all could learn the moral of the story? I’m like, “hold up, whatever happened to the rest of the awesome story?” Seems to me like everybody wants to be all philosophical and ‘deep’ when it comes to deciphering the ways of the world so do pardon my unrestricted glee when I do stumble upon a blog that’s just about cupcakes and butterflies and things that make you merry and wild.

There you have it, the introduction to my world of blogging. I’ve always wanted to do this and even though I wasn’t exactly sure what i wanted to write, I was clear on what I didn’t. Like a professor once said to me, “there’s nothing you can say to me that hasn’t already been said in a million and one better ways so please spare us both the agony”. Life has practically shown us all we need¬†to figure out about it, the only problem is we haven’t (figured life out that is). So in rebellion, I will write about poetry and music and fashion, art, travel and the like. However, I too will also write about the birds and the bees and why everything’s so blue, I will occasionally try to bore you with why this causes me to reflect and ponder on the ways of the world (hey, Hypocrisy was essentially¬†created for this very reason, not so?) but more importantly, I will write about anything and everything that catches my fancy, I will tell it how I understand it and you my dear readers, will be so enraptured and captivated you won’t even notice that I too have got you thinking about the moral behind the story!!¬†

L’amore la vita!

Didi xoxo